MR Facility

Overview of Services

We are an imaging facility with 1 MRI scanner dedicated exclusively to both clinical and non-clinical research involving outpatients and healthy control subjects.

Researchers with MR certified personnel can operate the scanner or an MRI Technologist is available upon request Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.


Resources & Environment

The MR Facilities at Washington University provides advanced imaging resources to support clinical and non-clinical MR imaging research

The MR Facilities is located on the Washington University Medical School Campus in the East Building\East Imaging Building.

MRI Technologist available Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:00pm (can be flexible with hours)

  • Waiting area
  • Exam\consult\testing room
  • 1 dedicated MRI scanner
  • Mock scanner for training purposes

Bay 3 scheduling instructions\rules for Bay 3 (PRISMA) users:

To schedule Bay 3 slots\exam rooms and parking view the MIR Sharepoint Calendar

Include the following in an e-mail to  : Date, beginning and ending time, requesting PI, NP protocol number, a phone number of someone who can be contacted the day of the scanning session and the calendar ex: Bay 3\exam rooms\parking. 

You will receive a confirmation email once your session is added to the calendar.

To release Bay 3 slots: send an e-mail to

Dr. Steve Petersen gives the approval for “designated slots”.

“Open Slot” Allotment- Each group can have no more than 3 “open slots” totaling no more than 12 hours at any given time.  If you want to schedule another slot, and you already have 3 “open slots” scheduled, you have to use up one of the “open slots” before you can request another scan slot.

“Free grab time” is from 9pm-7am Weekdays, and 5pm-9am Weekends.  If you schedule during this time it doesn’t count against your 3 “open slot” allotment.

You can request a scan slot within 24 hours of the scan (Example:  If you send the email request on Wednesday, asking for a Thursday slot.) it does not count against your 3 “open slot” allotment.  Email this request to the Bay 3 users list.

You can send an email request on a Friday, requesting a scan slot on Saturday or Sunday; it does not count against your 3 “open slot” allotment.  Email this request to the Bay 3 users list.

If you would like to be placed on the Bay 3 users e-mail list to receive last minute scheduling updates and scanner related information, send an e-mail to Linda Hood.


Dr. Steven Petersen, PhD


(314) 362-3319


Linda Hood, MRI Technologist

Facility Manager

(314) 362-7597


Glenn Foster, MRI Technologist

Facility Supervisor

(314) 747-9346


Fran Miezin, PhD

fMRI Equipment


Location and hours of operation

                         Hours Location


                 Monday- Friday


           7:30am-4:00pm (staffed hours)            


     4525 Scott Ave

     St. Louis, MO 63026       

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  1. MR Facility Website


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