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The NIH/NIGMS-supported Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Core provides service, collaboration, training and advice on mass spectrometry-based analysis of biomolecules involved in metabolism, nutrition, obesity, diabetes, cancer and other pathophysiologic conditions.

The Core supports extensive research programs and mass spectrometry platforms for routine and custom-designed analyses focused on characterizing, identifying and quantifying lipids, carbohydrates, peptides, amino acids, many metabolic intermediates, and stable isotope labeled biomolecules found in in vitro and in vivo models.


  • Establish collaborative research projects with basic and applied investigators at Washington University and other Institutions
  • Provide mass spectrometry-based analytical services
  • Educate and train students/fellows/junior faculty in the use and applications of mass spectrometry
  • Disseminate our research findings and inform the community about biomedical mass spectrometry




Director: John Turk, MD, PhD; Professor of Medicine
Assistant Director: Fong-Fu Hsu, PhD; Research Professor of Medicine
Assistant Director: Kevin Yarasheski, PhD; Professor of Medicine
Staff Scientists: Jan Crowley, Robert Chott, Alan Bohrer, Haowei Song, PhD
Engineer: Robert Sanders
Administrative: Susan Schumacher

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Monday - Friday
or by appointment      

8th Floor SouthWest Tower,
Washington University Medical School,
St. Louis, MO 63110

Links and Resources

  1. What is Mass Spectrometry?
  2. Our Web-site:
  3. National Institutes of Health
  4. National Institute of General Medical Sciences
  5. Washington Univ. Department of Chemistry
  6. Washington Univ. Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Lipid Research
  7. Washington Univ. Proteomics Laboratory


Name Role Phone Email Location
Susan Schumacher
General Core administration
314 362-2602

Robert Sanders
MS Hardware & Software
314 362-8190

Jan Crowley
314 362-7878

Fong-Fu Hsu, PhD
Complex lipids/lipidomics
314 362-0056

Kevin Yarasheski, PhD
314 362-8173

John Turk, MD, PhD
Executive decisions
314 362-8190



Name Description

Experimental design/planning, appropriate control samples, interpreting mass spectra, sample preparation, acquiring authentic biomolecules and heavy isotope-labeled internal standards

Endogenous receptor ligands   
GC-APCI-quadrupole-time of flight MS methods  

(e.g., vitamins)

Identifying/characterizing unknown or novel biomolecules, compounds, drugs   
Lipidomic, metabolomic, peptidomic profiling  

(untargeted, comparative)

Most central carbon metabolic-lipid intermediates   
Post-translationally modified peptides and proteins   
Prokaryotic biomolecules 

(e.g., bacteria)

Protein, lipid or metabolite flux measures using heavy isotope-labeled precursors  

(in vitro or in vivo)

Short and long chain fatty acyls   
Specialized Services 

MS instrument repairs, maintenance

Sterol lipids   
Synthetic molecule/compound   

Instrument operation,  data analysis-processing-software, sample preparation, library/database searches for identifying candidate biomolecules


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